Mary Pack Arthritis Program

The Mary Pack Arthritis Program provides treatment services for thousands of children and adults living with arthritis in British Columbia. Referral is usually initiated by family physicians and specialists and resources include a range treatment and education services and interdisciplinary team programs.

Outpatient services are offered at sites in Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton and Cranbrook and Inpatient Rehabilitation services are provided at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver and the Penticton Regional Hospital.

Programs and services available at each site are guided by the needs of client and the composition of the health professional team. Referrals may be recommended / arranged with other providers in the service continuum (e.g. chronic disease self-management classes, nutrition counseling, vocational rehab services, recreation counseling, sexual health clinicians etc.)
Ambulatory services and programs

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The Mary Pack Arthritis Program services are available at the following locations:
  • Cranbrook Arthritis Service
  • Penticton Arthritis Service
  • The Vancouver Arthritis Centre
  • GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
  • Victoria Arthritis Centre

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