Complementary Therapies

Living with a chronic disease like arthritis can be very frustrating, especially if the medications prescribed by your doctor don’t seem to have the desired effect. In these instances, it can be tempting to exhaust all possible solutions for bringing your pain under control.

A popular option for many people with arthritis is complementary and alternative therapies, which are treatments that fall outside the scope of traditional medicine. Examples include naturopathic medicine, special herbs, acupuncture and meditation. These methods are not a substitute for the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Before you try any of these treatments, always inform your health-care provider of any complementary and alternative therapies you are taking, receiving or would like to try. Your health-care provider can offer valuable advice about these treatments.

For more information, refer to The Arthritis Society's An Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Therapies [PDF].

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Therapeutic Massage

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