Online Arthritis Self Management Courses

The Arthritis Society has developed evidence-based, online education programs that are informative, convenient and FREE. There is much you can do to actively manage your arthritis, and each course is devoted to a specific issue or symptom linked to the disease. Find below the current courses that are jam-packed with helpful tips and information. New courses will be added as they are developed.

Mental Health and Well-being

This self-directed learning program offers great tips and insights to help keep your spirits up when arthritis is dragging you down.

Managing Chronic Pain
Managing Chronic Pain

Pain. For most people it’s the defining aspect of living with arthritis. But you don’t have to let chronic pain define you! This interactive online program will help you better understand your pain, and arm you with techniques and practical strategies to help manage pain and take back control of your life.

Overcome Fatigue

Fatigue is second only to pain among arthritis symptoms. This interactive online program will give you practical tips to increase your energy, improve your rest and minimize the impact of fatigue.

You and Your Healthcare Provider
You and Your Healthcare Provider

Learn how to prepare for and approach appointments with members of your health care team to ensure each visit is informed and effective. Take our interactive online program.

Joint Matters at Work
Joint Matters at Work

Whether you work in a home or office, a factory, construction site or farm, this interactive online program can help you learn to protect your joints and remain effective on the job.

Self Management Resources

Online symptom checker
Arthritis Symptom Checker

An online symptom checker to help you communicate your symptoms to your health care provider.

Arthritis Medications A Reference Guide
Arthritis Medication Guide

A comprehensive guide written by experts, designed to offer detailed information on medications used to treat arthritis.

Daily Symptom Tracker
Daily Symptom Tracker

A great tool for you and your healthcare provider to spot patterns and help manage your care. It is recommended you fill it out daily for at least two weeks prior to seeing your health-care provider.

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