Chronic Pain Management Workshop

The Chronic Pain Management Workshop (CPMW) is a single, two-hour course that focuses specifically on pain management. Participants have the chance to learn new information and skills, discuss ideas and share experiences with others that have chronic pain or care about people who live with chronic pain.

How can this workshop help me?

The main objective of the workshop is to improve your understanding of chronic pain management, introduce different coping methods, and encourage you to take an active role in your pain management. The program's intention is to help those with chronic pain, as well as to teach family members, partners and friends how to support people with chronic pain.

Who facilitates workshop?

The class is led by trained volunteer facilitators and class size ranges from approximately 10-14 participants. This program is not designed to override treatment programs provided by health care professionals but rather to complement them.

Where is CPMW available? Where is CPMW available?

CPMW is available in many communities across the country. It is usually held in wheelchair-accessible settings. Call 1-800-321-1433 or click below to find a program near you. Find Courses & Workshops

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