Patient Partners in Arthritis Program

The Patient Partners in Arthritis program is a unique opportunity for people with arthritis to provide medical students, allied health care providers and community-based physicians with valuable, hands-on experience to increase their skills and effectiveness in examining, diagnosing and treating people with arthritis.

Despite the prevalence of arthritis in the Canadian population - 4.6 million - very little time is dedicated to the study of rheumatology in medical schools. Published studies indicate that many doctors lack confidence in their ability to properly diagnose and treat many of the more than 100 types of arthritis. Unfortunately this can result in delay in appropriate treatment, unnecessary healthcare costs and needless pain and suffering for the person with arthritis.

The Patient Partners in Arthritis help to address these issues by providing highly motivated, trained patient volunteers who facilitate an increase in the understanding of all aspects of arthritis. This is accomplished through small group sessions led by a trained patient(s) that includes not only a technique for a musculoskeletal (bone and joint) examination but also real life experiences of living with the disease.

The program is based on the principle that arthritis is a chronic condition and people living with it are often the most knowledgeable about many aspects of the disease. These volunteer patients, who have special training in anatomy and how to demonstrate a joint examination, are valuable educational assets to the health care provider community.

The program was tested in Canada through a pilot study in 1995. The success of the pilot stimulated interest at many medical schools in the country with the result that the program is now part of the training program at 10 Canadian medical schools and university programs in health sciences.
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Research has shown that involvement in the Patient Partners in Arthritis program has had a positive impact on the trained patient volunteers through an improved quality of life, better self awareness and the satisfaction of having a contributing role in the medical community. Patients participating in the program have an increased understanding of their disease and an improved ability to describe their symptoms and experiences to their physician. Understanding their condition and feeling more comfortable discussing it has helped many patient volunteers gain a greater sense of control and cope more effectively with their arthritis. Support, encouragement and inspiration are a reality in each group with the result that they demonstrate not only to each other but to the community at large that it is possible to live well with arthritis.

For medical students, allied health care provider and community-based physician participation has demonstrated an increased understanding about arthritis, its diagnosis and its effect on the daily lives of their patients.


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