Spellbound - Ottawa

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Spellbound Ottawa - A night of wonder and hopeRecapture your sense of childlike wonder and delight by joining us for a masquerade ball in support of childhood arthritis.

We’re going to unmask a child's future with you this November by bringing the streets inside to Tudor Hall. Featuring mouth-watering refreshments and exciting busker-style entertainment. 

Grab your mask* and join us for a night of unique entertainment in support of a great cause.  

*Masks will be available for sale at the door if you do not have your own

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2016
  • Location: Tudor Hall, 3750 North Bowesville Road, Ottawa K1V 1B8
  • Time: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Regular Ticket Price: $70 (regular); $25 (kids under 12), $125 (VIP – includes $55 tax receipt)

Elliott Smith Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith has entertained corporations, television audiences and travelers across Canada, the United States, Europe, and more for over 42 years. A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the distinguished Order of Merlin Shield, Elliott has performed his special brand of magic and comedy for past Prime Ministers of Canada, International Ambassadors, as well as Jay Leno. Be prepared to be amazed!

Hoop Head Hoop Head

Ready for a game of basketball? Don Estabrook aka Hoop Head has brought the ball and the net and is ready for a little on-on-one! At regulation height (10 feet to be exact), Hoop Head will provide an interactive stilt-walking experience that will be sure to entertain everyone.



Zip-E brings the enthusiasm of play wherever he goes. His audiences are always highly engaged with humour and excitement.  He has a degree in Theatre from The University of Ottawa and he performs with the precision of jest - prepare for a juggler extraordinaire!


Christiane is a mime, musician, singer, and teacher. Be prepared for her unique form of entertainment and interaction. She has performed at various festivals, private parties, and conferences. Christiane doesn't need words to entertain and captivate you!

Doc Z and Marc GDoc Z and Marc G

Doc Z and Marc G will be ready to impress you with their entertaining caricatures.

Doc Z started drawing caricatures professionally during the summer of 1991. He is currently a full time illustrator, caricaturist and animator. Prior to this he worked at animation studios where he worked on several productions such and The Simpsons, Rainbow Fish, Freaky Stories and Anthony Ant.

Mark G is an Ottawa based caricaturist. His professionalism, skill, sense of humour and charm will shine through in the caricatures he will produce for you!

Laura Lynn EgglestonLaura Lynn Eggleston

Laura Lynn Eggleston, sometimes known as Bunky the Clown, has been balloon-twisting for 21 years in Ottawa. Whether it's an animal, a mask, a flower or something else - Laura Lynn can't wait to build it for you!
Tudor HallLocated in Canada’s capital and privately nestled in the Hunt Club area, Tudor Hall is conveniently situated near both Riverside Drive and Hunt Club Road. Our North Bowesville Road address is just off of Uplands Drive, sited only minutes from the Ottawa International Airport and less than 15 minutes away from Ottawa’s downtown core and Market area.

Tudor Hall, 3750 North Bowesville Road, Ottawa K1V 1B8 [ Map ]
Child with childhood arthritisImagine you have to live each day with the debilitating pain, fatigue and mobility restrictions of arthritis. Now imagine you’re three years old.

You may not realize it, but arthritis – one of Canada’s leading causes of disability – affects all ages and all walks of life. 24,000 Canadian children and teens live with one or more forms of this disease, and for them and their families it can be a daily struggle to cope.

Fortunately there’s help. The Arthritis Society is partnering with the Rheumatology department at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to develop and deliver programs that connect these kids and their families to the support they need.

Childhood arthritis backpack programYour gift will help give these kids care for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Learn more about childhood arthritis

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A spectacular Silent Auction, and several fun activities await those who dare to try their luck. Will you be the lucky one that takes home the big prize?
We are very grateful for the generous support of our event sponsors.
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