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Host your own fundraising events are a great way to build awareness, raise funds, and transform the lives of Canadians with arthritis.  They minimize the funds and resources expended by The Arthritis Society while allowing us to maximize the direct positive impact on quality of life for people living with the disease.

Get started in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your event

  2. Set your fundraising goal

  3. Create a budget

  4. Register your event

Get Started

Why your support matters

Within a generation, there will be a new diagnosis of osteoarthritis every minute. As it stands, one in six adults in Canada know the pain of arthritis – making it a leading chronic condition in the country. 

Arthritis affects infants and toddlers who are just getting started with life. It strikes teenagers navigating high school. It hurts new mothers trying to carry their babies and change diapers. It prevents workers from being able to effectively claim their jobs back. It touches older adults who are trying to enjoy a much-deserved retirement.

Supporting The Arthritis Society matters because the impact of arthritis in Canada is spreading and more and more people need support. Its impact on the economy is spreading as well, currently sitting at $33 billion a year in healthcare expenses and lost productivity. We can help change the picture by empowering people to live better with arthritis and search for answers that will finally lead to a cure

Stories of successful events

Moved To Inspire Others

EthanIn January, five year old Ethan went into the hospital for a tonsillectomy that turned out to be anything but routine. After experiencing respiratory arrest, he was forced to spend ten days in hospital where he was soon diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Quickly, Team Ethan was born - a group of dedicated doctors, nurses and caregivers came together, committed to the goal of helping him live well with arthritis. It wasn’t long before people noticed that Ethan was Exceptional in more ways than his condition. Once up and around, he immediately began to focus his energies on cheering up other children on his floor by crafting home-made necklaces from cut-up straws.

Today, he’s still making necklaces, but now they’re beaded and coloured blue in support of the Arthritis Society and for each of his friends living with arthritis. Even more impressively, Ethan’s committed himself to a signature fundraising effort. Starting in march, Ethan has set of a goal of collecting one million dimes from across Canada and the US. At 10,000 and counting, he’s well on his way. All he needs is our help and support. The Arthritis Society is helping Ethan achieve his goal of raising funds and putting in motion the lives of the 6,000 young Canadians living with juvenile arthritis.

Through funded research, specialized education, support programs and access to specialists The Arthritis Society is helping kids like Ethan live lives that are both full and fulfilled.
You are 4 steps away from hosting your own event and supporting The Arthritis Society.

1. Choose your event

Select an event that best suits you. For event ideas, check out the Fundraising Toolkit [PDF]!

2. Set your fundraising goal

Make it achievable. Take a look at the Event Budget Summary document [PDF] for help setting your goal

3. Create a budget

Creating a budget [PDF] will help you track expenses and keep you on target to reaching your fundraising goal!

4. Get registered

Good luck and all the best with your event! We look forward to seeing photos.

Get Registered

Thank you for hosting your own event in support of The Arthritis Society. We have a number of tools to help get your event up and running:
I have an event idea but require assistance executing it. Can The Arthritis Society help?
Can I use The Arthritis Society database to contact donors to promote my event?
Will you provide insurance for my event?
Can you provide some funds to cover my event expenses?
How much should I expect to give back to The Arthritis Society?
Can you promote our event for us?
Can you apply for a license or permit (lottery, etc) on our behalf?
Will you provide media support or write a press release to promote my event?
Can we use your logo and branding on our event materials?
Can someone from the Arthritis Society attend my event?
Can I accept credit card donations?
Where do I send my offline donations?
Can tax receipts be issued for my event?
How is the money raised used?
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