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Great Wall of ChinaThe Arthritis Society has partnered with Charity Challenge, the world’s leading fundraising challenge operator. Charity Challenge is a travel expedition group that leads breathtaking trips around the world – involving hiking, biking, skiing, and more – while directly supporting charities.

The Arthritis Society Machu Picchu 2015Do something truly life changing!

Go on an inspirational trip and help end arthritis!

Not only will you be broadening your horizons and experience a “bucket list” item; you will be funding life saving research for The Arthritis Society. Challenge yourself. Challenge arthritis. Join us today!

Great Wall of China

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  • You can trek, bike or climb while raising vital funds for charity.
  • With over 50 departure dates to choose from, in 12 different countries, with 3 levels of difficulty, ranging from 1-19 days, there is sure to be something for you!
  • Pick your own adventure and select The Arthritis Society as your Charity of choice.
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Join us on an amazing adventure – for more information contact Cherie Whiteman at The Arthritis Society via email or call 1.800.321.1433 ext. 3326.


Great Wall of ChinaOur next Charity Challenge destination is the Great Wall of China. Charity Challenge will lead a trek for Arthritis Society supporters from September 17 - 24, 2017 along some of the most interesting and spectacular sections of the Great Wall, originally built to keep out invading nomadic tribes. Your trekking challenge starts in Jinshanling where you will walk through sweeping views of vast mountain ranges along both renovated and unrenovated sections – twisting and winding along the mountains and crumbling watchtowers. 


Challenge Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Beijing
Day 2: Badaling Great Wall
Day 3: Black Dragon Pools
Day 4: Gubeikou Gateway
Day 5: Jinshanling Loop
Day 6: Mutianyu Section
Day 7: City tour of Beijing
Day 8: Depart Beijing

There are two registration options for this trek.

Option 1: Self-Funder

The Self-Funder is where you pay the full cost of the challenge to Charity Challenge in the amount of $1,995. You pay a deposit and then the remaining trip costs 10 weeks before the trip departs. The Self-Funding participant then agrees to raise a minimum of $1500 for The Arthritis Society.

Option 2: Flexi-Funder

The Flexi -Funder is where you pay a deposit to Charity Challenge in the amount of $595. You will be required to pay the balance of your challenge costs 10 weeks before departure in the amount of $400. The Flexi-funder then agrees to fundraise a minimum of $4,000 for The Arthritis Society, of which no more than 25% will be paid out to Charity Challenge to cover the remaining cost of your challenge. The total amount out of pocket for this option is $995.

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Great Wall of ChinaOnce you have registered for your challenge, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your participant centre. Your participant centre is where you can send emails asking for donations and track your fundraising progress.

You will also have access to a member’s area on the charity challenge website, where there are fundraising tools.

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Trekking on the Great Wall of China

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For tax receipt inquires, requests for replacements, and/or corrections contact us at or 1.800.321.1433 ext. 3326Can’t find your answer here, please visit for more information.
All logistical aspects of the expeditions will be managed by Charity Challenge. They can be reached at or

All fundraising inquiries and support will be managed by The Arthritis Society. Please contact Cherie Whiteman at 1.800.321.1433 ext. 3326 or
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Great Wall of China 2017

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