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This Arthritis Society’s Your Stories blog features stories of those living with arthritis, those pursuing breakthrough research for a cure, and other Canadians touched by a disease. It takes courage and effort to live with chronic pain – see how others have learned to live well with arthritis. If you are interested in posting your own story, please email us at

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Research Profiles: Meet Dr. Shawn Robbins

The focus of Dr. Robbins' research is to compare differences in walking style between patients with primary and secondary knee osteoarthritis to determine if differences in walking style can influence how quickly the disease progresses. It is important to compare walking style between these osteoarthritis types because some walking style have been show to predict disease progression. 

Posted: 22-09-2017

Research Profiles: Meet Dr. Matthew Teeter

Dr. Teeter’s work compares measurements made with wearable sensors to develop accurate imaging and motion analysis techniques. From this study, Dr. Teeter will determine if wearable sensors can measure meaningful differences in joint function. If so, sensors could be simple and inexpensive tools for diagnosing patients, evaluating treatments, and providing feedback.

Posted: 22-09-2017

In her words: Childhood Arthritis Ambassador Olivia

I don’t really remember not having arthritis,  I always remember having it.  Because I have arthritis I get sore all the time. I have to go to the hospital a lot and miss school and other fun stuff. I take lots of medicine like needles, IVs, pills and eye drops all the time. Sometimes I want to play with other kids but I cant cause it hurts and I cant keep up, its not fun. Having arthritis makes me feel different. I get upset I don’t get to do things and I wish I didn’t have arthritis.

Posted: 19-09-2017 arthritis Cambria Camp Childhood Ontario

Join us in person or online for Arthritis Connects

We are excited to launch our new Arthritis Connects Symposium series, with the first symposium taking place on September 26 in Penticton.  We’re calling it Access to Care and Pain Management, and want to know what you think!  It will be available both online and in person, so plan to join us!

Posted: 06-09-2017 Arthritis Connects Symposium BC

Welcome to Arthritis Awareness Month!

This September, the Arthritis Society will be focusing on the relationship between Arthritis and work – as well as the impact for students, current options for people with OA and IA, and innovations that will help improve life for Canadians with Arthritis.

Posted: 06-09-2017 AAM Arthritis Awareness Month BC

September 16 is Family Day!

And it’s almost here!  Cassie & Friends is holding its 9th Annual Family Day, and The Arthritis Society is very pleased to sponsor this meaningful day.  This is a fun and informative event for families living with Juvenile Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions.  It provides a wonderful opportunity for families from around the province to connect and create relationships, and The Arthritis Society is happy to provide travel bursaries to help families from outside the Lower Mainland attend.


Posted: 06-09-2017 BC Cassie and Friends Family Day

Pediatric Pain – Pain BC’s September Symposium

This is going to be such an incredible event, and we are so pleased to be a part of it!  Our community partner, Pain BC, is holding the Second BC Provincial Pediatric Pain Management Symposium September 22 - 24, 2017, and you can attend for free!

Posted: 06-09-2017 BC Pain BC Symposium