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This Arthritis Society’s Your Stories blog features stories of those living with arthritis, those pursuing breakthrough research for a cure, and other Canadians touched by a disease. It takes courage and effort to live with chronic pain – see how others have learned to live well with arthritis. If you are interested in posting your own story, please email us at

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Rachel Janzen: Rheumatoid arthritis: her frustration, pain and hope

These are just a few of the things Rachel Janzen hears many times a day about her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). She takes a deep breath and smiles, and tries once again to explain that RA is an autoimmune disorder and has nothing to do with age.

Posted: 08-09-2015 medical cannabis Ontario rheumatoid arthritis

Hiking Peru with heavy hearts

On January 21st I turned 25 years old. It was my first birthday without my grandmother. Every year she would give me a handwritten birthday card on her floral print stationery, with her neat handwriting always signing, “with love, Grandma Minnie”. Her cards meant the world to me because I knew how much effort it took for my grandmother to hold a pen.

Posted: 03-09-2015 charity challenge rheumatoid arthritis

Adrienne - #IRunYouRun

From sitting on the sidelines in school because of her arthritis to running the New York City Marathon, Adrienne shows that great feats are possible with her #IRunYouRun initiative.  We are pleased to support The Arthritis Society and are sharing Adrienne’s story to help create awareness during Arthritis Awareness Month!  When Adrienne was diagnosed with juvenile ideopathic arthritis (JIA) at age four, no one could have anticipated that long distance running would become her passion and an achievable goal.  Here, Adrienne shares her story....

Posted: 02-09-2015 British Columbia

Back to school… with special backbacks

When Lynsey Hachey’s son Kaleb was 15 months old – fresh to the world of walking – he started limping. The boy’s leg was stiff each morning and he wasn’t able to stand. 

Posted: 01-09-2015 arthritis Backpack Childhood JIA

Racing past arthritis

One young speed skater at the 2015 Canada Games was not like the others. She spent the previous years wondering why her athletic abilities were in free fall, why her joints were on fire, and why she could barely move some mornings.

Posted: 15-04-2015 childhood arthritis JIA sport

Closing the gap: Today’s student, tomorrow’s rheumatologist

Canada needs more medical professionals – both clinicians and researchers – dedicated to tackling arthritis. That’s why The Arthritis Society supports bright students like Arun Agha, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of British Columbia, with his sights set on becoming a clinician scientist in rheumatology. 

Posted: 21-05-2014