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This Arthritis Society’s Your Stories blog features stories of those living with arthritis, those pursuing breakthrough research for a cure, and other Canadians touched by a disease. It takes courage and effort to live with chronic pain – see how others have learned to live well with arthritis. If you are interested in posting your own story, please email us at

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Avery’s journey

A very sore ankle was the start of it, and it happened over a weekend.  Avery was just 21 months old and a typical child in every way, until one weekend she started crawling again to avoid putting weight on her right ankle.  Jennifer, her mom and an emergency room nurse, knew something was going on when Avery wouldn’t walk anymore and constantly wanted to be carried.  Avery had also recently been waking up in the mornings very stiff after sleeping. 

Posted: 28-03-2016 British Columbia Childhood arthritis

Nik only knows life with arthritis

Nik’s personal journey with arthritis isn’t told by how chronic illness limited his youth. It is remarkable because of the countless people he’s helped while giving back to the arthritis community.

Posted: 22-03-2016 childhood arthritis Nova Scotia

A princess's journey to fight arthritis

Danica is a London, Ontario Walk to Fight Arthritis Ambassador. She is a child living with arthritis and her team 2 cute princesses is determined to make a difference. 

Posted: 17-03-2016 childhood arthritis London Ontario

From Halifax to Machu Picchu

Jonathan Wright and his wife Eileen Denovan-Wright took part in last September’s five-day Charity Challenge trek to Machu Picchu, Peru, in support of The Arthritis Society. Following his RA diagnosis at age 40, Wright began to realize that exercise was vital to feeling better with the disease.

Posted: 16-03-2016 arthritis Challenge Charity Machu Nova Scotia Picchu trek

Simone Cavanaugh, Childhood Arthritis Spokesperson

Twenty-three-year-old Simone Cavanaugh was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at the age of eight after two years of excruciating and unexplained pain. She found herself using crutches to get around and then a wheelchair, coping with an illness most people associate with the elderly.

Posted: 14-03-2016 juvenile arthritis Quebec

“All of those little things could add up and beat you if you let them. But I don’t let them.”

Nicholas LeBlanc’s life with arthritis is much more visible than most young adults coping with the disease. A Grade 12 student at Charles P. Allen, Nicholas uses crutches due to deterioration in his right leg. Aches and pains are one thing – giving up the things you love is another.

Posted: 10-03-2016 arthritis childhood juvenile Nova Scotia

Emma's journey to find a cure

Emma's mom shares their family story on the road to finding a cure for JRA. 

Posted: 07-03-2016 childhood arthritis JRA

Rising above the dark cloud of childhood arthritis

Taylor MacDonald on how she dropped the word “suffer” from her vocabulary and learned the power of saying “I live with arthritis.” 

Posted: 02-03-2016 arthritis halifax juvenile arthritis nova scotia taylor macdonald

Jack Hickman, Spokesperson for Childhood Arthritis Month

Three years ago, Jack Hickman’s dream finally came true: he joined a hockey team!

He had been dreaming of this for a long time. However, it wasn’t the money, lack of time, or distance from the rinks that prevented him from playing his favorite sport; it was his illness. 

Posted: 02-03-2016 Childhood Arthritis Quebec

A boy starts limping, a mom starts a diary

When her son Andrew started to get sick, Valentina took meticulous notes to help her keep track of what was happening. 

Posted: 01-03-2016 arthritis Childhood Arthritis Month