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This Arthritis Society’s Your Stories blog features stories of those living with arthritis, those pursuing breakthrough research for a cure, and other Canadians touched by a disease. It takes courage and effort to live with chronic pain – see how others have learned to live well with arthritis. If you are interested in posting your own story, please email us at

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Rheumatologists “pay it forward”

Back in 1991, The Arthritis Society helped kick-start the career of Dr. Joanne Homik – now one of Canada’s 350 or so clinical rheumatologists – by funding a research fellowship. Dr. Homik went on later to chair The Society’s medical advisory committee and even become a national board member. When her term was up, she continued the support by joining the Walk to Fight Arthritis.

Posted: 26-02-2015 Canadian Rheumatology Association every member rheumatologists Walk to Fight Arthritis

Jenna Small and her Community in Motion

Jenna Small’s earliest memories are coloured by the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis she developed when there were just three candles on her birthday cake. The disease spread to 80 per cent of her joints, as well as her eyes.

Posted: 16-02-2015 Charity Challenge childhood arthritis fundraising Ontario Walk to Fight Arthritis

A nurse and a pilot, 60 years later

Sixty years ago, Margaret from Bell Island, Newfoundland married Don from Mexico City. They first met in Ottawa, where Margaret worked as a nurse and Don as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Posted: 11-02-2015 donors Ontario rheumatoid arthritis

‘In the town I lived in, there was no one like me’

In the town of Jeannette, Penn., Carmela Valentino led a compromised childhood. Her rheumatoid arthritis set in when she was six, marked by year-long fevers, physical disabilities, and years spent bedridden. Carmela spent grades 7 and 8 in a Pittsburgh-area Home for Crippled Children, a facility that had gained notoriety in the 1950s for testing a new polio vaccine on residents. 

Posted: 04-02-2015 childhood arthritis donors Ontario rheumatoid arthritis