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This Arthritis Society’s Your Stories blog features stories of those living with arthritis, those pursuing breakthrough research for a cure, and other Canadians touched by a disease. It takes courage and effort to live with chronic pain – see how others have learned to live well with arthritis. If you are interested in posting your own story, please email us at

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‘That thought kept me up at night’

Fredericton rheumatologist Dr. Jamie Henderson wants to see a potential rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patient within six to eight weeks of symptoms starting. He knows the earlier he sees them, the better the outcome. He heads out regularly into the community to address this need with local family doctors. 

Posted: 21-12-2015

The Disability Tax Credit: What You Should Know

Thousands of Canadians are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, which can mean significant savings at tax time. Learn more in this Q&A featuring financial advisor Gordon Grainger.

Posted: 07-12-2015 Disability tax credit

Kris Harrison - "I have arthritis, just arthritis”

“I grew up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and that disease took me on a journey to places that I never could have imagined as a child.  Paths that have led me to where I am today -  forever affected by the damage the arthritis did to me.  Starting at a very young age, arthritis ravaged every joint in my body like a wildfire.  

Posted: 01-12-2015 British Columbia