September 2015 - Impact Newsletter

The Arthritis Society Newsletter - Sept 2015
IMPACT - The Arthritis Society Newsletter
Rachel Janzen

Why I'm deciding to try medical cannabis

Rheumatoid arthritis adjusted the forecast of Rachel Janzen's life. In this first person essay, follow her experiences and see why she is staking hope in medical cannabis to soften her pain.

Arthritis Awareness Month

What does arthritis mean to you?

September is Arthritis Awareness Month, a time where we can all team up to debunk myths about this disease and let people know what life with arthritis means to you. We're kicking off September with an educational guide the breaks down the use of medical cannabis for arthritis, as well as a video that explains how to access the medicine. Visit throughout the month for more information.

The Arthritis Society's backpack program

Back to school... with special backbacks

"It's an emotional relief for me. Knowing that it's built for the weight to be relieved takes a lot off my mind that he isn't straining when he has bad knees and ankles." The Arthritis Society's backpack program is a comfort to young pupils in chronic pain…. and their parents. Meet Lynsey Hachey and her son Kaleb.

Charity Challenge

Hiking Peru with heavy hearts

Sarah Bursey's grandmother Minnie died last year after 53 years with rheumatoid arthritis. This month, Sarah and her mother are joining The Arthritis Society's first-ever Charity Challenge trip. Destination: Macchu Pichu. Here's the story behind the story.

Nutrition tips for arthritis

Top-9 nutrition tips for arthritis

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important aspect of arthritis self-management. We help you sort through the noise about diet and arthritis and give you the top tips and guidelines.

Living with arthritis is pain

Managing chronic pain

The one common denominator for all people living with arthritis is pain: at, learn about chronic pain, the pain cycle, and the many ways you can influence your own pain levels – from medications to heat/cold therapy to lifestyle approaches. And our newly updated medication guide covers both over-the-counter and prescription arthritis treatments.

PLUS: In celebration of their longstanding support for the work of The Arthritis Society, our partners at Bayer are making their product ALEVE® (used for management of mild to moderate arthritis pain and stiffness) available at a discount to our readers: click here for a special coupon.

A small gesture can make a big difference. We can erase the pain of arthritis together and help millions of people in the process.

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