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Protecting your Privacy

  • We are committed to protecting your privacy and encourage you to read ourPrivacy Statement.
  • You must register with your full real name, as well as your real e-mail address. Your personal information is not available to people unless you choose to share it.
  • We recommend that you select a username of your choice for your posts. If you wish to share your real name online, please be advised that messages posted within this community are in the public domain. This means they can be read by anyone and can be found through search engines such as Google.
  • Think carefully before you give out any personal information online. Never give your telephone number, home address, or other information to strangers.

Community Guidelines

The Arthritis Society reserves the right to remove you and/or your posts from this community if you do not comply with these guidelines. Statements that are seen to be offensive, abusive, bullying in nature, or purposefully misleading will not be tolerated.

Respectful Communication

  • Be respectful, supportive and kind.
  • Be sure to read your messages for "tone" before posting. As wit email, it is very easy for "tone" to be taken the wrong way.
  • Understand that sarcasm and joking often can be misunderstood.
  • Typing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of yelling.
  • No personal attacks (comments made about the author rather than the message) are permitted on the discussion boards.

Sharing Information

  • Never make statements that can be seen as medical advice. Sharing your own experience is fine, but don't tell others what they should do.
  • Do not post comments that can be interpreted as a personal criticism.
  • Use appropriate subject lines so discussions are easily followed.
  • No copyright protected materials are permitted on the discussion boards. You must use links.
  • Do not post information promoting any product or service.
  • The excessive use of personal URLs that are repetitive or disruptive in nature is not permitted.


  • The opinions, advice and all other information expressed on the discussion boards represent the individual's own views and not those of The Arthritis Society.
  • You use the information on this site at your own risk. The information provided in the discussion boards is to be used for informational purposes only. It should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional advice and/or medical diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • Links to other websites may be provided through these discussion boards. The Arthritis Society does not undertake any responsibility or liability for information or publication by third parties on the Internet even if you access them through these discussion boards.
  • In agreeing to register for The Arthritis Society's discussion boards, you hereby agree to abide by the guidelines set out by The Arthritis Society and all consequences they may entail.

Monitoring of Discussion Boards

We do not and can not review all messages posted in the discussion boards. As such, there may be a delay in responding to a posting or comment that does not comply with the guidelines set out by The Arthritis Society.

From time to time The Arthritis Society may ask users of the discussion boards to provide input on a specific issue. However this is your community and such requests will be kept to a minimum. Information on the discussion boards can be used to inform the work of The Arthritis Society including: education and program delivery; awareness messaging; advocacy and website postings.

You are welcome to send your suggestions and comments to The Arthritis Society staff at

Thanks for reading the Community Guidelines. Enjoy the online community!

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