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If you have questions about living with and treating arthritis, you are in the right place. Here in The Arthritis Society’s Ask an Expert zone, a team of professionals is on hand to give you feedback and advice – equipping you with information that will help you live as well as possible with the disease. 

IMPORTANT: Visitors to our website should not engage in self-diagnosis nor act on information contained on this website without seeking specific advice from their family doctor or specialist. The Arthritis Society reserves the right to use submitted questions for educational and marketing activities in its various communication vehicles. Personal identifiers (such as name and location) will not be used without your consent.

Do numb toes and foot cramps indicate arthritis?

Often times, individuals have heard of arthritis and may feel they are experiencing symptoms that could indicate that they have arthritis. In this case, our question came from someone experiencing various sensations in their feet. 

Posted: 24-05-2016 arthritis cramps feet numbness pain

My question is related to Methotrexate. My daughter is currently taking a weekly injection. Are there any studies or known facts that this medication can cause issues with a child's normal growth?

This question was sent to us as a response to our Ask An Expert series for Childhood Arthritis Month this March. Please continue to send us your questions related to childhood arthritis anytime and we will answer as many as we can. Of course, Ask An Expert is also open to questions about arthritis in any age group. 

Posted: 31-03-2016 arthritis Childhood injections medications

Because my daughter is doing very well our rheumatologist recommended stopping medications, would the disease flare?

March is Childhood Arthritis Month and our experts are posting an answer to a question every Monday in March. Here is the latest one. Send your questions about juvenile arthritis and we will answer as many as we can this month and in future with our experts. 

Posted: 21-03-2016 arthritis childhood arthritis juvenile arthritis medication

My son has juvenile arthritis and is doing very well. Is it okay for him to play hockey?

March is Childhood Arthritis Month and to assist parents in better understanding this illness, we are posting questions and answers to common questions related to juvenile arthritis every Monday in March. Please feel free to also send us your questions and we will put as many as we can in front of our experts for responses. Also, be sure to check out the resources on this website. You can search juvenile arthritis to get started. 

Posted: 21-03-2016 activity arthritis childhood juvenile physical

My child has started treatment for juvenile arthritis. How long will she have to be on medications?

Once your child has a diagnosis of childhood arthritis, referred to as juvenile arthritis, a new range of questions arise as you start to navigate treatment options. This question was fielded by our expert Dr. Elizabeth Stringer. You can watch for our next Ask an Expert question to be posted next Monday, March 21 or please feel free to send us your own questions about Childhood Arthritis and we will post answers to as many as we can. 

Posted: 14-03-2016 age arthritis biologics childhood Childhood arthritis Childhood Arthritis Month JIA juvenile Juvenile Arthritis medication treatment

My child was just diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, will it go away?

March is Childhood Arthritis Awareness Month! In recognition of this, we have lined up questions for Ask An Expert and posed them to our expert, Dr. Elizabeth Stringer a rheumatologist specializing in juvenile arthritis based out of Halifax. We will be posting a question and answer related to childhood arthritis every Monday in March. Please send us your questions about childhood arthritis. We will put them to our experts and will respond to as many as we can throughout March. Please join us in spreading the word about childhood arthritis and in the fight to find a cure. 

Posted: 07-03-2016 arthritis childhood diagnosis programs

Does turmeric help relieve pain or swelling?

A quick discussion of turmeric that attempts to point out why so many people are asking this question and provides answers in so far as they exist. 

Posted: 25-02-2016 arthritis diet inflammation management nutrition osteoarthritis pain rheumatoid swelling

Is it unusual to be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis?

People can suffer from more than one type of arthritis.  You may have had osteoarthritis that was present but was asymptomatic and/or not causing problems until the psoriatic arthritis began.  At that point both types of arthritis may flare.

Posted: 25-01-2016 Arthritis Diagnosis Management Osteoarthritis Pain Psoriatic

I have OA in both knees and am worried about walking on ice! Are there any devices that will assist me?

Walking outside in winter weather is hazardous at the best of times.  You are right to be worried!

Posted: 11-01-2016 Arthritis Assistive Devices Exercise Management Osteoarthritis Pain

How can I reduce the pain, stiffness and crooked nature of my arthritic fingers?

I have osteoarthritis in my hands and fingers which causes me tremendous pain and stiffness.  My fingers have also become crooked in nature because of my condition. Are there any treatments you recommend to help relieve my symptoms?

Posted: 21-12-2015 Arthritis Management Osteoarthritis Pain Splints
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