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If you have questions about living with and treating arthritis, you are in the right place. Here in The Arthritis Society’s Ask an Expert zone, a team of professionals is on hand to give you feedback and advice – equipping you with information that will help you live as well as possible with the disease. 

IMPORTANT: Visitors to our website should not engage in self-diagnosis nor act on information contained on this website without seeking specific advice from their family doctor or specialist. The Arthritis Society reserves the right to use submitted questions for educational and marketing activities in its various communication vehicles. Personal identifiers (such as name and location) will not be used without your consent.

If inflammation does not show up in xrays or blood tests can you still have arthritis?

Arthritis does not always reveal itself in blood tests and xrays which means diagnosis also depends on other symptoms. This is why it is important to discuss all possible symptoms with your doctor. 

Posted: 12-07-2016 blood diagnosis tests xrays

After years of various activity-related injuries and tendonitis, is inflammation linked to arthritis?

Our question comes from an active person who has suffered numerous injuries over the years and wonders if these may have caused or perhaps be related to arthritis? Let's see what our expert has to say.

Posted: 06-07-2016
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