Gathering Information

How to Find Party Information

Each participation path includes writing a letter to party leaders before the election campaign begins and sending the letter shortly after the election is officially underway. It is necessary to determine to where the letter and any accompanying documents will be sent.

Use the How to Find Party Information tool to find out where to send letters to leaders. Remember, when the election period begins, party leaders are no longer members of provincial/territorial legislatures, but are candidates. As such, the letter and questionnaire cannot be sent to their parliamentary offices. Rather, their respective parties will have campaign offices set up well before the election is called.

(Basic/Advanced Level)

General Information Sheet

Collecting current information about the political landscape in your province or territory and the state of your division's relationship with government officials in one place will assist in keeping this important information current and organized. Use the General Information Sheet [PDF] to gather the following information:

Current government officials:
Premier, health minister, healthy living/health promotion minister (if applicable)
Key local members (MLAs, MPPs, MNAs or MHAs)

Current opposition officials:
Leader of the Official Opposition, health critic, healthy living/health promotion critic (if applicable)
Key local members (MLAs, MPPs, MNAs or MHAs)

Current third party officials:
Leader of the third party, health critic, healthy living/health promotion critic (if applicable)
Key local members (MLAs, MPPs, MNAs or MHAs)

Last Contact
Current relationships and status of initiatives or discussions will be important in developing your election plan. If volunteers or staff have had any contact with these officials, record the dates and topics of any such contact and the outcome. For example, any agreements reached, dates of next meetings, next steps in current discussions, or existing relationships should be recorded in this space.

Campaign Priorities/Platform
General information about each party's campaign priorities and the current state of affairs can be recorded in this space for referral later on. It is important to always remember to remain non-partisan, and that all parties will likely have a priority that you will be able to use in developing your election plans. Party platforms will be easily accessible on party websites in the weeks leading up to Election Day.
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