Ask Your Candidate to Commit to Arthritis!

Be prepared to ask questions!

With a federal election campaign underway, candidates and leaders are listening to what is important to you! The Arthritis Society has developed questions and talking points to help you ask your local candidates where he or she stands on arthritis issues. The questions will help you to be prepared with a question or two when your local candidates phone you or come to your door to ask for your support, or if you plan to attend an all-candidates meeting or debate!

Resources for federal advocacy:

Voting in the federal election

Election Day is October 19, 2015. Advance voting will occur on October 9, 10, 11 and 12.

If you need help to find out more information about your constituency and where you will be able to vote, please click here. If you need help getting to your polling place on election day, any of the major political parties would be pleased to help you.
Self advocacy toolkit

Self Advocacy Toolkit

Tools to help you advocate for yourself, a friend or loved one. Explore the Toolkit