Setting Your Goal


  • Determine your advocacy goal – what do you want to achieve?
  • Ensure your goal is achievable, measurable, practical and time-limited


Determining what you want to achieve sounds easy, but don't take this step lightly. Now that you have determined your issue and have done your background research, you are ready to set your advocacy goal; that is, the clear and concise goal of your advocacy efforts.

Also known as your "ask", your goal should be the ONE goal you want to achieve. It is important that your goal not a list of what you want, but rather the one thing you need right now. This will require a choice to be made if your issue requires multiple changes. Remember, advocacy is a process, and you can always pursue secondary goals - "first things first".

Turning your issue into a goal

While clarifying your issue, you likely thought about the solution to your issue, or when you did your background research, you discovered how others with similar issues have achieved change. Now it's time to turn your issue into an advocacy goal. Considering your issue, what are you looking to achieve as the result of your advocacy efforts? No matter what your goal is, it should be:
  • Achievable - Make sure your goal is possible to attain and that your audience is able to take that action you need
  • Measureable - Make sure your goal has an outcome that can be shown as completed
  • Practical - Make sure your goal is realistic
  • Time-Limited - Set a deadline for your goal to guide your planning
Examples of an achievable, measureable, practical, and time-limited goal, or "ask" include:
  • Access to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Employment Insurance (EI) benefits within eight weeks;
  • Daily bussing to school for your child by the next school year;
  • Ergonomic accommodations such as seating or footrests in your workplace within a month
Once you have determined your advocacy goal, complete page one of the Advocacy Worksheet [PDF], and be ready to determine the audience for your advocacy efforts. Now fill out Section C of the Advocacy Worksheet.