Action Plan & Tools


  • Develop an action plan to achieve your goal
  • Learn about advocacy tools


Now that you have identified your issue, done your research, set your goal, know your audience and have developed your key messages, it is time to put all of that work into action.

Your action plan will help you to identify what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be completed. To keep yourself on track, it is important to write down your action plan and update it as the process moves forward. You can use the Action Plan Worksheet to organize the steps you need to take to achieve your goal, who will be responsible for each step (if you are working with others), when each step should be completed and what tools are needed.

Advocacy Tools

Advocacy tools are resources that you use to assist in achieving your goal, or the means of delivering your key messages.  Anything you have or produce that is used by you to communicate with your audience, supporters or people outside of your advocacy effort, is a potential tool. This kit contains samples of some of the following tools that you may use (marked with a "*"):
  • Letter, written or e-mail*
  • Blog
  • In-person meeting*
  • Telephone call*

Action Plan

Most self-advocacy goals can be met by engaging with your audience using this four-step method; However, you may not have to follow all four steps, e.g. you may choose only to send a letter or make a telephone call.

Telephone call → Written letter → In-Person meeting → Follow-up

The next section will explain how to use each of these tools and includes samples for your reference. Remember to choose and note your tools for each step of your action plan.