Advisory Board - Saskatchewan

The Arthritis Society is fortunate to have volunteer leadership in each Division that is focused on helping us achieve our mission and raising funds to achieve this work. Our Divisional Advisory Boards, comprised of patients, medical professionals and community leaders, provide a wide variety of expertise and experience. Below is a list of the wonderful group of dedicated volunteers supporting our efforts. We thank them for their commitment.

Jonathan Carriere

Chair and Division Representative

Jonathan Carriere is an 18-year IT Professional who currently specializes in Disaster Recovery at SaskTel. During his childhood, a lack of awareness regarding the various symptoms and forms of arthritis proved to be a source of frustration for him.

Dr. Nicole Fahlman


"I opened my part-time practice in February 2011. I continue to have an interest in early inflammatory arthritis (EIA) and adolescents with rheumatic diseases..."

Janet Gunderson


Janet was a teacher for twenty years. After a ten year struggle to get a diagnosis, she was diagnosed with small vessel vasculitis. Janet and her husband Grant have a grown son and daughter.

Dr. Alan M. Rosenberg


Dr. Rosenberg was a former Head of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon District Health. He is the current Head of the Division of Rheumatology, Department of Pediatrics and Director of Pediatric Research in the Department.

John Salmond


John Salmond is Vice President, Sales & Marketing at GMS a member of GMS’ senior leadership team with full accountability for GMS’ marketing, communications and sales operations.