Advisory Board - Prince Edward Island

The Arthritis Society is fortunate to have volunteer leadership in each Division that is focused on helping us achieve our mission and raising funds to achieve this work. Our Divisional Advisory Boards, comprised of patients, medical professionals and community leaders, provide a wide variety of expertise and experience. Below is a list of the wonderful group of dedicated volunteers supporting our efforts. We thank them for their commitment.

Rosie Keough

Chair and Division Representative

While volunteering at The Arthritis Society about eight years ago, Rosie was approached by a Board member asking her to join the Board. She wanted to get involved because she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age.

Jim Jenkins

Past Chair

Jim is the proprietor of Viscount Properties Ltd., a construction, renovation and property management company in Charlottetown and Ottawa. He has previously served as the general manager and proprietor of Sidmount Associates.

Helen Hyndman


Helen is passionate about The Arthritis Society for personal reasons—both of her parents have arthritis and her father-in-law even had to take early retirement due to early-onset arthritis.

Frances Gray


Marcel MacDonald