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childhood arthritis awareness month
As many as 24,000 Canadian children and teens live with arthritis, or more than three out of every 1,000 kids. The Arthritis Society wants to hand back childhood, and help these kids enjoy being kids. 

You can help hand back childhood by making a donation to our dedicated childhood arthritis fund. Your contribution will help support research, programs and other initiatives specifically targeted to addressing the challenges facing kids and families impacted by CA.

Stories of Childhood Arthritis


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Jenna and Emily the power of friendship
Jenna and Emily - the power of friendship

In honour of Childhood Arthritis Month, please enjoy this touching story about two of our arthritis campers and the special bond they share.

Video Resources

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MediKidz Online MediKidz Online

Learn about juvenile idiopathic arthritis with the MediKidz in this comic book written by doctors for kids. READ THE MEDIKIDZ ONLINE
Childhood Arthritis Month Infographic

Childhood Arthritis Month Infographic

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Arthritis : Kids Get it Too!

This video for teachers and school employees aims at raising awareness about the difficulties encountered by kids living with arthritis. These students can find it hard to talk about their disease and what it’s like to live with pain. (9:01)

How to properly fit and use a backpack when a child lives with arthritis

This video demonstrates how to select, fit, pack and wear a backpack to help protect a young person's vulnerable joints. (5:18)

Juvenile Arthritis Webcast Series: Emotional and Behavioural Issues

Emotional and Behavioural Issues

Juvenile Arthritis Webcast Series on Emotional and Behavioural Issues (Public Forum Presentation, 118:42)

New Treatments and Outcomes

New Treatments and Outcomes

Juvenile Arthritis Webcast Series on New Treatments and Outcomes (Public Forum Presentation, 128:51)

Your Juvenile Arthritis Health Care Team

Your Health-Care Team

Juvenile Arthritis Webcast Series on Your Health-Care Team (Public Forum Presentation, 125:28)

Advances in Juvenile Arthritis

Advances in Juvenile Arthritis

Recent advances in understanding of childhood arthritis. (Public Forum Presentation, 102:38)