Arthritis Awareness Month

Arthritis awareness month

A three-year-old in the hospital diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. A 25-year-old mother whose pain makes her unable to carry her own newborn. A grade 11 student who wakes up more days than not in excruciating pain. A 44-year-old trying to hold down his job despite the disability. A retiree who dealt for decades with osteoarthritis only to be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her late 60s. Arthritis is a serious problem in Canada, with over 4.6 million adults and children experiencing its effects each day. Arthritis Awareness Month is for them – a time to consider what living with chronic pain means and how we can help them.

If you have comments to share about arthritis, head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to let us know. Together, we can change the perceptions around this disease and improve the fortunes of our neighbours who live with it. Please check back this month for updates on what The Arthritis Society is up to in terms of education and research.

medical cannabis access guide
The Arthritis Society helps patients navigate the confusing world of medical cannabis

The Arthritis Society today marks the beginning of Arthritis Awareness Month by releasing "Medical Cannabis: A Guide to Access" This guide will help people with arthritis understand and navigate the process for accessing medical cannabis to treat arthritis symptoms.

(This guide is intended for adults only. The Arthritis Society does not endorse or recommend medical cannabis. This guide has been created for educational purposes to provide information about medical cannabis as a potential treatment option).
Arthritis Society Position Paper on Medical Cannabis [PDF]

The Arthritis Society calls for more research into the efficacy and safety associated with the use of medical cannabis as a treatment option.

Rachel Janzen
Why I'm deciding to try medical cannabis

Rache JanzenRheumatoid arthritis adjusted the forecast of Rachel Janzen's life. In this first person essay, follow her experiences and see why she is staking hope in medical cannabis to soften her pain.

Lynsey Hachey Kaleb backpack
Back to school... With special backpacks

Kaleb Hachey"It's an emotional relief for me. Knowing that it's built for the weight to be relieved takes a lot off my mind that he isn't straining when he has bad knees and ankles." The Arthritis Society's backpack program is a comfort to young pupils in chronic pain…. and their parents. Meet Lynsey Hachey and her son Kaleb.

Sarah Bursey children with Grandma Minnie
Hiking Peru with heavy hearts

Grandma MinnieSarah Bursey's grandmother Minnie died last year after 53 years with rheumatoid arthritis. This month, Sarah and her mother are joining The Arthritis Society's first-ever Charity Challenge trip. Destination: Macchu Pichu. Here's the story behind the story.

Medical Cannabis: What people with arthritis need to know

Dr. Jason McDougall of Dalhousie University, who is embarking on a three-year investigation of medical cannabis, answers your commonly asked questions.

Accessing medical cannabis for arthritis - Part 1

Dr. Danial Schecter, a prescribing physician, describes the new process for accessing medical cannabis in Canada, and discusses the kinds of questions patients should ask their physician when considering medical cannabis to treat their arthritis symptoms.

Accessing medical cannabis for arthritis - Part 2

Dr. Danial Schecter, a prescribing physician, discusses the kinds of questions patients should ask a licensed producer when considering medical cannabis to treat their arthritis symptoms, and what to expect if and when they begin treatment.

Rachel's story, part 1: Living with rheumatoid arthritis

Rachel Janzen describes living with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, and the challenge of finding a treatment that will help manage her pain without serious side effects.

Rachel's story, part 2: Why I'm taking medical cannabis

Rachel Janzen talks about why she's turned to medical cannabis to help treat her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Other Resources

Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance position paper

Canadians living with arthritis continue to join our call for more research into the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis. The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance issued their position paper on the subject.